Minipond’s 2012 Follow Forever 

These are blogs are flawless and I truly admire the effort that they put into their blogs. I honestly don’t know why any of these people follow me. :3

agypsyspirit (Lexi has flawless ships jsyk) catmonocles (lucy’s the most adorable bookworm) crestas (desiree is the gif queen) devonbanks (Hannah’s fuckin hilarious) erineverlark (funny and cute blog) dnwinchester (Bee’s just cool, okay?) friscalating (crying at this perfection) gigglingmuggle (Ines has always been so sweet to me) greenfiend (totally relatable) Jafars (constantly rebloggin) heynips (Malo Queen) fiftyshadesofjakebud (jakkkkke) daenerysoftargaryen (love her graphics) mackibben (gorrrgeous blog)  mockingdeen (my little french bb) karadama (Abbie has the most comprehensive feels ever) ladymione (flawwless) lancelotsweets (I love discussing books with Raabe) lumos-maxima (Everything on Natasha’s blog is pristine and I’m jealous) offbeatorbit (just follow her) oswinnoswald (I constantly reblog from her) odellian (flawless fanmixes) rigginsrigs (pretty blog) rupertgrinch (i reblog alot from kait) squemily (emily is lovely) splitsplat (vanessa is informative and awesome in general) stewark (gorgeous person inside and out)  thiefwithoutwords (Sabrina was one of my very first followers. love you!) nymeriaas (beautiful blog) tindog (such a clean and pretty blog)

Last but not least Cris, my partner in crime. :)

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