What Malo Fans Deal With on a Daily Basis:

Malo is cliche. A bully falling for their victim is not cliche. A metalhead falling for a ballerina is not cliche. A guy falling for his brother’s ex is not cliche. Malo fans will only care about Alo’s poor feelings when and if Mini gets pregnant. Malo is romanticized because two people sleeping together for months could not possibly develop feelings for each other. Malo is romanticized because they started out as a Jane Austen novel.  Malo fans think this baby means Mini belongs to Alo forever! Malo is rushed. Fluke happened in a span of a couple of days but it was in character for Franky to be attracted to the dark side. We accept Nick and Franky because they’re cute! Mini’s story revolves around Alo’s dick. Mini’s episode is really a Malo episode even though we’ve seen plenty of clips revolving around her family. Alo is a Cook wannabe. Who does he think he is, overreacting when he sees the girl he loves kissing another dude? JFC Malo are disgusting for making out alone in a private area. This doesn’t fit Mini character at all even though in her episode she was terrified of becoming her mother. All of Mini’s self esteem issues are gone even though she’s been keeping her relationship with Alo a secret for months. Malo is fan servicing. Mini could not possibly like sex because she had one bad experience with a guy who cheated on her. Alo is so out of character because he’s always been shown as a mature 17 year old. Alo’s dick is idealized by BE and the writers because no guy can have a big penis.

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    why do people have to compare gen 3 characters to gen 2?
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    I think the best one is that Alo is a wannabe Cook? Are you friggin’ high?
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