"They try to keep me out, but it doesn’t matter how many locks they hang at the entrance. There is always another door."
— The Young Elites by Marie Lu

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Braeden is a strong powerful woman who can take out men within the blink of an eye, looks cute on all occasions, gets to go home to a premium slice of american beef that is derek hale and looks phenomenal in leather. She is my ultimate goal.

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UH. Hi. (X)

Draeden. So shipping it.

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i’m so not okay with this. [guys, go.]
n o . nope, still  n o t   o k a y  with it.

                  n o t   g o i n g   a n y w h e r e.

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this could be the stupidest plan we’ve ever come up with, you’re aware of that right?

            i ’ m   a w a r e   i t ’ s   n o t   o u r   b e s t.

l: maybe we should just walk.
s: i will never abandon this jeep, you understand me? ever.
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Will Merrick as Dean in In with the Flynns [1/2]

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Can’t go back!

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